Jenny Leigh Rogers – Spencer, International

Ladies beware of this low life whore!! She will not only sleep with your man she will also help herself to every dollar she can get out of him. She is a hairdresser probably in the Bloomington area ( when she was in Evansville she worked at Fiesta Hair Salon) living at the “Y” going through drug rehab HA! This chick has an extensive drug and conversion record- she moved back to Spencer, IN last July and has spent more time in jail than out. After finding out about the affair hell yes I confronted her, she’s quite the lying bitch who still has an ass whoopin coming! We had been married 21 years SAD and I was able to uncover about $10,000.00 she was able to scam out of my husband. I get she’s 32 (30 years younger than me) with the fake 38 DD boobs but trash is trash. She played him BIG TIME….men are stupid if they think a 32 year old could honestly be interested in a 58 year old man. Trust me when I tell you I’m sure she out there trolling for her next victim.

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