Jennifer R Just, Jennifer Ramsay Just, Jennifer Just from Woodbridge CT, and NYC – Woodbridge, Connecticut

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Jennifer Ramsay Just, from Woodbridge CT, NYC and The Putney School in Vermont. 

This is a woman who devised a plan to hurt my 4 year old son and destroy his family. She even FLEW TO CALIFORNIA to see his family and took along with her photographs of me with him together to outrage his family (who don't even know me at all). 

She destroyed what we spent 2 years rebuilding, and my son is completely devastated and having severe mental issues due to the abandonment from his father. 

Jennifer admitted in writing she was behind this scheme. This is one sick woman, who would hurt a child in this way. 
















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  • Jennifer is a cruel woman

    I know this horrid, deceitful and devious woman too. In addition to her bullying Louise Silberling on behalf of John Wender (she admitted in an email he enlisted her and others to make fake profiles to harass this woman)- she also decided to ruin my child’s life for her own sick games. Yes, that is right. This is a woman who literally went out of her way to RUIN A 3.5 YEAR OLDS LIFE! Seriously? Who does such heinous things? What kind of person is so devoid of a conscience that they will HURT A CHILD? Not just hurting a child temporarily, but setting this child up for a lifetime of pain. This is beyond cruelty and sickness. I believe that Jennifer Ramsay Just is a twisted evil psychopathic woman. Don’t believe the ‘every bodies best pal’ guise that she shows, she will stab you in the back in a heartbeat. Beyond cruel this woman is.

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