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  • Jennifer Just lied to me again and again. She has zero remorse. She plotted to remove myself and my son from his life. She backstabbed me at every opportunity (texting me one thing, then sending him all my responses to him). She is the reason my 4 year old is devastated and having emotional problems from the loss of his father. She is completely sick and devoid of any conscience. Her sons Cameron Darling and Evan Darling must be so proud.

  • Jennifer is a cruel woman

    In addition to her bullying Louise Silberling on behalf of John Wender (she admitted in an email he enlisted her and others to make fake profiles to harass this woman)- she also decided to ruin my child’s life for her own sick games. Yes, that is right. This is a woman who literally went out of her way to RUIN A 3.5 YEAR OLDS LIFE! Seriously? Who does such heinous things? What kind of person is so devoid of a conscience that they will HURT A CHILD? Not just hurting a child temporarily, but setting this child up for a lifetime of pain. This is beyond cruelty and sickness. I believe that Jennifer Ramsay Just is a twisted evil psychopathic woman. Don’t believe the ‘every bodies best pal’ guise that she shows, she will stab you in the back in a heartbeat. Beyond cruel this woman is.

  • Now this vile woman is sending my sister threats that she will call social services and that she is abusing her children? My sister and her children were fine until Jennifer Just decided to ruin her family. I read all Jennifer’s texts to my sister when all this happened and I told her myself this woman was not to be trusted and it was obvious that she was trying to cause maximum damage. Now she got what she wanted and destroyed my sisters life and her son’s life (he’s going to have lifelong issues over losing his father) and now she threatens my sister to have the kid taken away from the only parent who’s ever been there for him? My sister does everything for that child and has been by his side throughout, and he’s been very poorly the last few months and needed surgery. It was my sister of course who had to take time off work to be with him and was there through it all. How dare this b*tch have the nerve to suggest my sister has ‘abused’ her kids. She’s always put her children before herself and it’s his pain that’s so hard for her to deal with right now. Go to hell Jennifer Just.

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