Jenna Eisenberg Snow – Portland, Oregon

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This woman  Came into my husband's restaurant gave him or phone number knowing he was married with a small child. I'm not going to say that he is not at fault for taking her phone number and using it but I will say any woman that knows that a man is married and still tries to sleep with him and takes pictures of them kissing and post them on public media for our friends and family to see is completely disrespectful. It would be one thing to shame my husband but  She not only posted to Facebook but told him that no one says no to her and will be sorry. I hate her for making my husband's actions public and not taking my son,me,friends and family to heart and how it would forever change my child's life by growing up in a broken home and it being out there for the world to see.  Watch out ladies she can care less of a man's married she will date them and when they try to leave her she will ruin their lives and post anything she has to a public site to make sure his friends and family will see everything to make herself feel better. I feel sorry for women like her and anyone who will loose their family due to their husbands and her actions.

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  • this is jenna eisenberg the accused homewrecker by sara fithian lmao! About her lying cheating husband nick pleasure. Enjoy the new posts under my name they are the accurate ones! Your husband was a regular at the strip club i bartended at and i never approached him! He said you were seperated after you became obese and stopped caring about your looks. When i found out he lied i came to you as a woman! You said you were aware of multiple women he had cheated on you with years before you had a baby. I feel bad for insecure woman like you who repeatedly take their man back after being cheated on because they know they cant get anyone else! enjoy getting cheated on i enjoyed your husband nick pleasure spoiling me with his credit card. and enjoy more pics😀

  • another funny thing about your post is that you say i said and did things that only someone like you would say. “nobody leaves me” when he wanted to leave? honey he never wanted to leave hence the restraining order i had to get on him. Your man stalked me for a month at my job before i even spoke to him and the only reason i hungout with him was because he got me duck football tickets lol!! its also funny that you said i said i’ll ruin your life if you leave lol women like me dont need to say shit like that we have men waiting in line and we move on! We talked after you posted this since i now realised and all you did was apologise to me and say how many times your man has cheated on you in the past and how you knew how much he lied so why would you post this?! you told me to enjoy vegas with the new guy i met when i got off the phone with you haaha so you know its true. Maybe this is all because you didnt talk to me before this, but i feel really bad for you and i hope you get counseling only for your sons sake!

  • I hope heroin and alcohol takes more dirty dumb bitches like you out of this world. Lying bitches like you shouldn’t reproduce, let’s hope this stripper ain’t got no kids to harm our future with!

    • im not a stripper im a bartender just like her husband nick pleasure and im currently pregnant with his child as she knows. stop having your pathetic family and friends respond on here. Your son will soon have a new little brother or sister.

      • funny you talk about drugs when sarah fithian has a long hard drug criminal history and nick pleasure is a convicted felon with three dui’s look up these names people to see the facts!! you know i moved on and she knows im with a doctor now you guys are peasants to me. Im done replying to this disgusting fat ugly bitch and nicks ghetto felon ass! ew i hate poor people! cant wait to name the baby me and my man are thinking of names, nick will be broke for life even broker after i nail him for child support see you soon well at least the papers will.

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