Jayla Smith – greenville , south carolina, South Carolina

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This is JAYLA SMITH … not sure if it is her real name but this is her picture 

for everyone in greenville south carolina to see !!! BEWARE 

This woman has sex with random men on backpage and also has sex with co workers at her job in the bathroom to get drugs and money… IT is also believed that she has herpes as well…. She does not take care of her child … She goes on facebook to post dumb videos of her scary looking kid to get attention …. She was caught in the work break room stealing snacks and lunches from other co workers…. She even went as far as going into someones drawer at my desk and stealing pens and tampons… The person reported her to the boss but the  camera was at a bad angle to see her… THis is her picture 

Everyone in Greensville South Carolina this is her picture beware of this smut!!!!!!! 

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