Jamie Folds – Gainesville, Florida

This disgusting trash stank skank almost ruined my 14 yr marriage. She knew my husband and me were married living a happy life. She tryed to get his attention for months. He did have sex with her in may and continued till last month when I asked him why he was starting argument when there is no reason to. We normally talk and communicate with ease. And he confessed but he says he only was fucking her because she was paying him hundreds of dollars to help him with his studio time answer show fees also paying our insurance on our van. Which is not okay me and him have alot to figure out. But she got mad he stopped messing with her and blocked her completely so not to lose me. His one true queen hint he married me. Used her. But she had no idea he had confessed and never really wanted her only her money. So she thought calling me and contacting me on facebook would get me to kick him out so he would be forced to be with her lol not me. We vowed to God death due us part only. But she still harrasing me trying to say he with her but he next to me while she claiming it. Or yesterday when I went to his job cause she said he was really with her but he was not he was working like he supposed to be. His contact workers told me his boss put a trespass on her to keep her from coming to his business to harass my husband. She really is evil she won't accept that my husband don't want her. We even switched phones so I can see she be lying about alot. So stay away from this psycho female skank.

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