Jacqueline R Wilson – Lexington, Kentucky

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She's a stripper by trade and creeps with anyone including married men for fun, money and/or drugs. She was working at Cowboys in Lexington and likes to frequent the neighborhood bars in Idle Hour area. She's not very articulate and sounds extremely ignorant when she opens her mouth which is followed shortly by her legs. How anyone could be attracted to that is beyond me, including the fool who betrayed me. They're both disgusting and deserve each other. She was residing at 150 St. Margaret Dr, 40502, using phone number 859-473-5636 to communicate her slutty intentions and she's 37 years old with an astounding amount of miles on her run thru ass. She's dirty and so are her morals and standards but if any man is willing to give her time of day, do yourself a favor and move on. 

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