Jacqueline Ortega marroquin – Long beach, International

Her name is Jacqueline Ortega Marroquin and she is the definition of a home wrecker. She said she might be pregnant by my husband. I know this info would break up a family so why say it unless you were 100% certain? My husband and I are going through hard times and she saw it as an opportunity. She did meet him while he was crying at the bar. She befriended my husband and in less than a month, she said I love you. I’ve asked her many times to leave my husband alone and give us a chance to work on our marriage but she refused. It is now 5 months later and my husband finally let her go but she won’t allow it! She messaged me through fb and told me everything about their relationship. Then she said he kept begging to be with her but she didn’t want him. But then she would start asking me if I was done with him or not. (Why would she care?) Then she would keep calling him asking him to pick her up. He kept telling her it’s over. So now she said she might be pregnant. Then she’s threatening him with child support because he doesn’t want to co-parent. He wants to sign over his rights or take full custody.

This pregnancy could possibly be true but why hasn’t she gone to the doctors to confirm? I can’t believe a mother who can’t even take care of her first kid, would try to have another baby with a married man. The girl drops her kid off at school and goes straight to daycare after. She doesn’t even work! She stays home and sleeps all day. Then she collects money off welfare and from an ex boyfriend to pay her bills. She is not a good person at heart. She pretends to be until you find out the truth of how evil she is. She needs to be exposed and be embarrassed with herself as a woman, mother, and friend. Any single guys, pls take her off our hands! 562-336-0700 or 661-416-8077 

**I know my husband is to blame and trust he will get his karma. But there are no laws that stop our spouses from cheating on us. So we basically just have to deal with shit like this. Then these lil home wreckers get away with no shame. They need to be exposed which is why I’m thankful for sites like this**

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