Jack Morley – Conway, New Hampshire

Jack had vaginal and anal sex with me when I was totally passed out. It was a first date and we went to his apartment for a drink after the movies. I only had two drinks which he made. One minute I was watching tv and the next thing I knew I was waking up naked , sore and very groggy in his bed. I hadn’t used birth control and I could tell I had been penetrated. I went to the bathroom and noticed a small piece of my pubic hair had been cut off. I was hysterical but he insisted it was consensual but I never believed that. I quickly left. A few weeks later I discovered that nude pictures of myself,in his bed had been posted on numerous web websites and that they even mentioned my name and address. In one of the pictures a banana was sticking out of my vagina. I couldn’t get them taken down and many of my friends and family had seen them. I believe that Jack drugged me and took advantage of me. But what can I do. It’s his word against mine. So I  just wanted to warn others about him.Do not go near that guy One thing I did notice was that he had a very small penis,about one inch I’d say. I think he’s living in Berlin NH now

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  • This is Jack Julie and I still carry your blonde lock of pubic hair in my wallet as a trophy for good luck. Drop me a line at dogeatdog12@yahoo.com

  • Julie- I still have that little locket of your blonde pubic hair in my wallet. It’s my good luck charm.

  • John Morley- Gross as anything. Why would anyone sane or insane do anything sexual with this Deranged thing. I don’t know what to refer to him as- he – she – it- that thing?? Puzzling. What happened to his missing body part? He needs to cover up not expose “nothing”. Does he want sympathy or donations for body part surgery? Never saw anything so gross.

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