Jack Morley – Conway, New Hampshire

Jack had vaginal and anal sex with me when I was totally passed out. It was a first date and we went to his apartment for a drink after the movies. I only had two drinks which he made. One minute I was watching tv and the next thing I knew I was waking up naked , sore and very groggy in his bed. I hadn’t used birth control and I could tell I had been penetrated. I went to the bathroom and noticed a small piece of my pubic hair had been cut off. I was hysterical but he insisted it was consensual but I never believed that. I quickly left. A few weeks later I discovered that nude pictures of myself,in his bed had been posted on numerous web websites and that they even mentioned my name and address. In one of the pictures a banana was sticking out of my vagina. I couldn’t get them taken down and many of my friends and family had seen them. I believe that Jack drugged me and took advantage of me. But what can I do. It’s his word against mine. So I  just wanted to warn others about him.Do not go near that guy One thing I did notice was that he had a very small penis,about one inch I’d say. I think he’s living in Berlin NH now

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