Jack Morley – Berlin, New Hampshire

Jack Morley has a small 3 inch erection he likes to expose to women and teenagers. He lives in Berlin NH His email is dogeatdog12@yahoo.com

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  • John exposed his little dick to a 15 yo girl in Berlin NH

  • Jack Morley BERLIN NH has a 3 inch erection. According to Lifestyles condom company research 9,999 out of every 10,000 men are bigger than Jack. Maybe that’s why he’s an exhibitionist.

  • I know Jack and he is an exhibitionist

  • This is Jack Morley and actually my erection is just 2.75 inches long and I love my hobby.

  • This is Jack and especially love to expose myself to tweens and teenage girls. In fact last month I exposed myself to three teenage girls as they walked to school. One, who looked to be around 14 videotaped me as I ejaculated on the sidewalk. They all laughed

  • This is Jack and I do have a tiny little 2.5 inch erection. I like to expose myself to teenage girls and tweens and women whenever I can. Just recently I masturbated in front of three teenage girls as they walked to school here in Berlin New Hampshire. They all laughed and took pictures with their cell phones as I ejaculated onto the pavement. I’ve had lots of adventures like this. Email me at dogeatdog12@yahoo.com with any questions.

  • Actually my erection is just 2.5 inches long.

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