Holly melher – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Holly has known my husband Robert West Jr since they were kids. They messed around back in the day and she got pregnant n said it was his. DNA test said it wasn't his it was someone else's. Holly knew we were married but we separated in Jan 2017 cause I got tired of his lies abuse cheating games and disrespect. He is also a text book narcissist. Robert snuck out of state with Holly in Feb 2017 n they had an abusive relationship. She put hands on him. Threatened me several times and all. He left her to come back to me in Sept 2017 but never stopped talking to Holly at all. Holly can work she chooses not to she lives in section 8 housing n off the state. He hit me again last nite and went to jail. He is there now. Holly is coming to get him tomorrow when he gets out and take him back with her so they can be together. She threatens me all the time and callse names cause she is three times my size. She has no morals or self respect or self esteem at all. Watch out for her ladies. 

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