Henry Campbell – Clarksville, Tennessee

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 Henry Campbell aka the elephant man, he drive for Graybar that delivers through-out clarksville,this man is nasty as hell and he has hurt so many diffrent women they range in age and appearance,and to make matters worse he was engaged during the time he had half of clarksville in his bed, you'll find the nasty ass on just about every dating site that has been made cause thats how i met this nasty ass i seen him out and about in clarksvile with another woman, this man thinks he can have any women even the married ones so dudes watch out the yours cause he'll do the shit right in front of you.He thinks he is smooth talker and make you think he is made of money and this old motherfucker thinks he can just run over anyone he wants and he dont wear condoms he likes to go down on his first time with you no matter if he just met you or not and then he is on to the next dirty ass he is a psychopath,and full master manipulator of all women he once he thinks he got you right where he wants you and your comfortable with him just know that your not the only one,

Sincerly, Thankful i was not the EX 

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