Heidi Shepherd – Portland, Oregon

Hiedi Shepherd is a homewrecker sleeping with other people's men. If she sets eyes on a man, she will play any game to get them into bed. My man came back to me. He said, "she decided to choose to sleep with someone besides him." Well it gave me my man back, but from the story, she took away a man from another woman. Every woman needs to look out for this slut. This woman needs to get her own man and quit sleeping around with those already taken.

I feel sorry for the one she has taken now because he went so fast. He must have a horrible life at home to be so needy. His woman has to be a total bitch for him to fall so fast. I am trying to mend my relationship with mine, but I no longer trust him. Hiedi Shepherd and my man created that distrust by sleeping together. 

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