Giselle Espinales – Miami/Hialeah, Florida

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Giselle Espinales has several men in her rotation and they only use her for sex cuz they can’t stand her when she opens her mouth to speak cuz she sounds stupid. Her poor children, baby daddies and family are so embarrassed by her cuz they know what she is. Her oldest kid doesn’t even live with her cuz the judge decided she’s unfit. You know something is terribly wrong with this chick if even the court agrees with you. Giselle used to work in Maryland but her ex wanted her to bring their daughter back to Hialeah cuz she would leave her daughter with Her boyfriend while she was out having sex with other men. As you can see, she’s a great role model and any man would be lucky to have her. I’m kidding of course. Even though she has two baby daddies and working on #3, she’s always crying that she’s broke. Giselle is still an immature child who needs baby #2 to be her daddy cuz she's stupid spending her entire child support check on a 3 bedroom apt. She spends no money on her kids so she doesn’t have to buy food, diapers, clothes or put her girls in private school. When her youngest was born, Giselle wouldn’t buy clothes, socks, etc. for her. She instead dressed her in one of her T-shirt’s or any rag she found around her apt that her child support money pays for. Someone should’ve called social services on her again. Giselle has no brain of her own. She’s over the top obsessed with daddy #2 that she must retweet everything he says so she looks like she knows sports. I sure her powerful tweets of Wow, OMG and LOL will make her an expert in the business in no time. Now she claims to love the Giants just cuz he does. She must do everything and agree with everything daddy #2 likes and does. Instead of Giselle taking care of her illegitimate daughters, she's spends her day obsessing and running after baby daddy 2 even though he rejected her and denied the child was his for years. Shes always the homewrecker and never any man's first choice. 

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