Geoff Gabriel – Boulder, Colorado

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So this Guy is running around town behind his (dead wife's) back (shes still very much alive!! He recenty caught my friend up ina compromising position. She had told him tat she was married when he came onto her and he said "i don't care". He then pursued her relentlessly and used facebook messenger as a tool to speak with her while she was in bed with her husband. Granted she is a fault somewhat for answering these texts, and her and her husband were going through some rough times. When her husband did leave for some time because they needed a break, This guy sold her a looong story of how his wife was sick for a long time and just recently died. Now my had been ill with bouts of cancer for years and then in remission and fell for this story. She was then all the wiser (unfortunately after compromising herself and her marriage for feeling understood for once; was called the next day by his "DEAD WIFE" she was very still  and still is ALIVE. Congratulations Geoff Gabriel! you have wrecked a marriage that had potential to be saved.

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