Gemina Rivera – Albany, Georgia

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Gemina Rivera is a mechanic in the United States Marine Corp based in Albany, Georgia. She is having an affair with my son in law, who is a married Marine also based in Albany. My daughter is home in Ohio raising two young children alone because the reserves would not pay to transfer the family. Their marriage was fine until Gemina Rivera came onto the pitcure, now my son in law is talking about divorce and abandoning his wife and children. I feel that as soldiers of the USMC, they should be held in higher standards… I am ashamed of both of them as well as the USMC for allowing such behavior!

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  • What a disgrace of a human being and Marine Corp. and the man also to leave his children and wife bet it’s not the first time either that he’s cheated. Smh…..

    • The saddest part about this post is how false the information is. I wonder if the people who post information on these websites know that if they get caught there will be serious consequences for falsely accusing someone of doing something like this. This was probably posted by a bitter elder who is having troubles excepting the fact that they are not young anymore because going to social media with a problem is something pre teens do not adults….. grow up.

  • This post is fake the person who posted it knows nothing about anything and made half of this up lmao.

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