Gail Schumacher – Albuquerque, New Mexico

This woman is simply awful. She files false police reports on people she knows, she spies on her neighbors, she stalks people, she terriozes them through text and voicemail, she makes false accusations, she even terrorized an ex boyfriend’s family. And this woman is supposed to be a Seventh-Day Adventist? Not very Christ-like behavior…I wonder how your fellow church members and pastor would feel if they found out about the real you? Of course, they probably are already aware of how nutty you are. Which SDA church do you attend Gail? Heights? Central? Maybe Iglecia. People at Bethesda wouldn’t accept a crazy white lady like you. Lol, well hope you enjoy making all your acquaintances lives miserable. Here is a taste of your own medicine. Maybe I’ll just forward this to ALL the SDA churches in ABQ…

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