Florencia Flor Munoz – Dallas, Texas

I was perfectly happy with my marriage until I met Flo. Her real name is Florencia Munoz from Argentina. Lives off Skillman St. She knew I was happy with my fiancée and we were expecting. She said that she would treat me better and said all of the right things. She did things my fiancée wouldn’t do the first night I met her. My mistake, it was amazing. She acted like she had money and said she was a model and actress on the rise. Turns out, she’s a broke woman living in low end apartment on Skillman. Watch out. She will run you up for money.  Wrap up, she has std’s. Guys, have your wallet ready if you date her!!!! 

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  • You’re full of shit. Complaining that you were happily married and then have a fiancée. Which one?

  • I know her! She’s a gold digger. Tried to have me open up a credit card for her and wanted her name on with mine. Run away!

  • Fake broke bia from the barrio

  • This slut ruined my marriage and my life! Run far away guys!

  • She’s basically a prostitute. Makes you feel sorry for her being a single mom driving a crappy car. You can find her in shitty apartments that she sleeps with men to pay for. Doesn’t have a real steady job.

  • Classybrazilianhottie

    She’s a hoe always will be. Gold digging Latina trash. She has broken up numerous relationships, engangements & marriages. Ladies, keep your men away from her. She will tell them how to sneak around behind your back & manipulate your man. Only if the guy buys her shit & give her money. Standard fat ass conceited hoe from the slums of Dallas. Typical slut trying to be an actress & a model in dallas. Really? Get a real job or move to LA or back to Argentina where you claim you’re from. Go invest in a condom puta. This how is spreading her std’s around town & will say she’s clean. Beware!

  • You need to move on. You cheated on your pregnant wife for this whore. You’ll do it again. Your kid deserves better. Gonbe trash w/this hoe that said she will treat you better.

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