Flavia Edith Alvarez – Modesto, California

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This woman is crazy, she keeps posting that my wife is a lesbian and ext… the truth is that this woman has issues, she is a psychopath she has a lot of issues, she is a very unhappy person and this not first marriage she try’s to destroy, let me tell you a little bit of the story! This woman I met 20 years we moved in together her parents had given her and her brother Agusto a house in Sacramento and we all live together, leaving with her was hell she was possessive she only would think about money and eating Burger King, she would become abusive, for some reason I stay with her for 3 years until one day I left I could not stand her. She look for me and I kept hiding from her, I was happy to get rid off her.

Well anyways I had found out my sperm count was no good I could not conceive with my wife and I got depressed and sad.. and I Thinking maybe that in the past I might’ve had a child and I even told my wife about this and we agree to look up on Facebook this to woman that I had been involved with and just kind of ended the relationship without saying goodbye or anything and I wonder if maybe they ever got pregnant by me and we didn’t find the other person but we found Flavia Alvarez and we found her on Facebook we saw that she had a baby named like me. my wife asked me not to contact her because when we saw her pictures we immediately saw that she look like a drug attic but my curiosity was stronger and I decided to look her up. The first time I contact her I asked her and she said no we did not talk, but she did ask me of my life and if was married and I was so stupid I did tell her that I own my business that I was doing good, immediately she became interested she asked for my number and I was so stupid and gave it to her and asked me if he could call me back and I said yes . I guess I was still hoping maybe she did have a child by me because I was so depressed and as man I could not cope with the fact I could not have children, I never call her back she call me back and she started talking to me about her boyfriend she live with Angel Rico that he was beating her up and she was leaving with him because she had no option because she could not work because of a injury she sustained at her job, I felt sorry for her. Then we started talking about the past our relationship and I told her about my issues with not being able to get my wife pregnant. Then she started saying how she could get pregnant that she was very fertile and I like what I heard I forgot I was married all I thought was maybe is possible. She told me her sad life every day we talk and she would ask me for money every day I was so stupid ignorant.. we would have sex phone then finally she convince me and se came all the way from Modesto to coming to see me 3 hours away I wish I would of been in my right state of mine because Otherwise I wouldn’t of all twice with such a disgusting woman but any ways I had her stay at motel 8 I went to see her and we started talking then she started kissing me she gave me a blow job and then I did have sex with her I was so stupid thinking I would get her pregnant I didn’t think she could give me a decease to be honest I was disgusted and disappointed at my self I went shower I was there for like and hour gave her some money and left, that day was hard for me looking at my Beautiful wife that I love so much and not knowing why did what I did. She stayed for week but I did not go see her once again she left and yes I kept the relationship I tried ending it but by then I found out she was doing drugs and she had killed her child by taking drugs during the pregnancy because she wanted to get rid off him and that her boyfriend was providing her the drugs I got little freak out so I would continue the relationship and when I did try to end affair she treated me by saying that she would kill her self and blame me and leave a letter to her three daughter that got taken away from CPS saying that it was my fault she kill her self, to be honest this freak me out. She constantly would ask me personal stuff about my wife I did not want to answer her but she would keep asking and I guess I would tell her what she wanted to hear so she would stop asking I guess not knowing that she was recording me the whole time with out permission to show to my wife the conversation we had. I am so stupid that I had sex with her again and I kept the game going I guess promising that I would help her out drug addiction and have her move closer to and telling her that I would send my wife to Mexico , so I can’t spend time with her.  O my god I can believe I did all this. Finally I told her I wanted to end the relationship she asked me for money for her truck and she promised she would leave me alone so I was going to give the money but before I gave her the money she decided to contact my wife and since that has been nightmare this woman I knew that I wanted nothing more to do with her but she kept sending text messages to my wife of the relationship and recorded messages knowing that I wanted to work things out with my wife she kept asking for money for her truck because at the end when my wife found out I didn’t give her the money anymore I feel I relieve she was asking for $3000 she was bribing me she made sure that my wife found out about everything , my poor wife has been the one I had thought for the mouse this woman is very vindictive she has hurt my wife mentally emotionally and physically this woman has issues with everybody she has had so many men in her life I don’t know how the fuck I got involved with this bitch I still feel disgusted I want to throw up every time I think about me having anything to do with her I can’t even think about I try to erase it out of my head as much as possible I can’t really grossed out and I get freaked out just to think if I would’ve got any disease from her because I’ve been hearing rumors about her having some kind of easy fortunately I went to the doctor and I am clean my regret is ever looking up a piece of shit not listening to my wife and hurting my wife my marriage I didn’t realize how lucky I was and how lucky I am that my wife still after all I did have the heart to forgive me and take me back and I just want this woman to stop she’s trying to hurt my wife in many ways because her plan was to record all the conversations from the beginning eventually show them to my wife and my marriage and I would probably end up with her and she would be said for life because this woman does not want to work sheLikes to harass people she has a big drug addiction problem this woman is not good for anybody her own parents cannot stand her when I live with her those three years I could tell that her mother didn’t stand her because of the way she was I know I’m stupid for falling twice in the same bullshit I’ll never stop regretting what I did mostly because I hurt my wife I love my wife with all my heart she is my only intro love I fell in love the first day that I saw her and got knows that I do not want to lose her I have no idea what happened I was not in the right state of mine I am not excusing myself for what I did I am 100% responsible for what I did but if I would’ve been thinking straight I would’ve never ever done anything and never get involved with this woman ever again please anything that she posts about my wife it’s alive my wife is a decent woman hard-working woman she’s very talented smart she has a heart of gold she’s a good person everybody that meets her likes  her, she is really nice person and has good heart. I would not post anything but I’m not going to let this woman Flavia Alvarez talk badly about my wife when she didn’t do anything it’s not her fault it’s my fault and she is 100% at fault too because she knew exactly what she was doing she knew that I was married and she kept washing my head with her bullshit I know I am an adult but I was not in my right mind… I will always regret what I did if I can take it back I would.

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