Flavia Alvarez – Modesto, International

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 This woman has a long list, she is a fraud, she has caused her own abortions by consuming drugs, her daughters and her have been homeless because she does not want to work' she blames her parents and her brother Agusto of selling her trailer and stuff when she knows that she told him to sell it so she could come back from Mexico when she went to fallow her husband Petronilo when he got deported. She told the whole world that Angel Rico constantly hitter when it was not true she was the abusive one. She took a six-month course in nursing to work in a correctional and then she decided to let herself fall down to Sued and get money out of it from her work but she got 0. cps took her children away from her because how she neglected her children, she was also investigated of the death of a child and she has been jail. She is hardcore drug addict, she sleeps with married man likes to destroy marriages, she sales her nasty fat ass for money, she is a shoplifter, she sales drugs with her boyfriend, she loves to hack into other people’s Amazon accounts, her own family hates her fat bitch ass, she likes to victimize the self-blame others of her own bull shit the list goes on and on. She elderly abuse of her adopted parents. This woman has real mental problems. Be very careful with this piece of shit. WARNING ⚠️

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