Flavia Alvarez – Modesto, California

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I am exposing this woman Flavia Alvarez because she had an affair with my husband about 4 months ago. She is and ex from 20 years ago but they found each other on Facebook at the time my husband and I were having some desconectiion and use that as and escape or excuse and the woman knowing he was married she kept contacting him, at that point she even started recording all conversations that she had with him, so one day she could send them to me. When I found out I was mad at  my husband not at her because he allowed this but we talk and he convinced me to give him second chance. at that time he finished everything with that woman but till this day she keeps bothering us this woman carecter is  questionable. She kept stocking me she send me all recorded messages with him to see if that convince me to liv him , she was asking for money for her car  to leave us alone, she try hacking some my accounts even do my husband ask her not to bother us anymore she did not get it, she did a couple pages on Facebook saying that my husband and I had aids and we were spreading around which is not true tankfully we are healthy,  she try contacting my clients because I have a hair salon and tell them I had aids. She keeps saying is going get me I saw her driving by my salon. this crazy woman in her personal life she is a horrible mother she has 3 girls taken from her because she had got pregnant from another man and try to have abortion  while the baby was fully developed but it didn't work so when the baby was born she  suffocated him and then said that the baby died because he was really weak because of her trying to get an abortion when she was three and six months pregnant, so that's why they took her daughter is away because one of her daughters  had a really bad kidney infection and she wouldn't take her to the hospital and she was doing drugs in front of her daughters and still continues to do drugs. I know is my husband fault for letting her in our lives but he was very clear with her and when he found out everything that she had done and was doing drugs and he realized he was wrong having an unfair he try to get out situation but she kept saying she was going to kill her self and he would get freak out and continue the relationship over phone so she would not do anything. This woman has issues even with her family they have restriction order against her because she is abusive and the fact that she will go around asking for money for drugs. I would of not done this if she was not such a evil person and because know that I want to fix things my husband she keeps trying to hurt us. So she deserves to be expose. She doesn't work she is just no good for anyone especially her children!

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  • You have to have sex in order to be exposed as a cheater. This lady is nuts talking all kinds of lies just because her husband looked me up and found me on facebook. I havent seen him in over 20 years. We live 6 hours apart. But then tried to be friendly and invites me over for a threesome. I kindly said no thanks and this is how she deals with rejection. By posting all this non sense. Come on. This lady needs mental help. It is unfortunate that this website allows people like you (Mariana Martinez of corning CA) to spread fictitious rumors without any proof of what is being said. You keep stalking me by posting pictures of a naked body that is supposed to represents my body but it clearly isnt me. My hair hasnt been solid brown in 20 years. You keep trying to make my life miserable because i dont want to be a part of your “threesome” with you and your husband. Im not gay nor am i interested in your lesbian fantasies. You need to find something better to do with all your free time instead of copying and pasting my facebook pictures to your make believe stories you post almost daily. You need to stop sending stupid messages to my facebook friends about exposing them for doing welfare fraud when they dont even get welfare to begin with. So how can they commit fraud when they dont collect welfare and hadn’t had it in many years. And stop sending my other facebook friends messages that you will expose them cause they are drug dealers. Thats funny cause he is such health freaks that he doesn’t even take prescribed medication. You might catch him with vitamins, but thats about it. You need to stop. You are making yourself look desperate. Im sure you can find someone else to harrass other than me. You wont be able to change my mind. I dont have anything against gays, i just don’t do the gay thing and dont plan on it anytime soon. Let me put it this way, if i was serving a life sentence with you as my celly, i still wont want you. Thank you but the answer will always be no. Now go take a spelling class or learn to do something productive. Maybe you can go to work in your salon that is only open twice a week for 2 hours.

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