Flavia Alvarez – Modesto, California

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Okay so this nasty woman came into my life Flavia Alvarez because my husband new her from the past and he was going through a depression because he found out he could not have kids… he did look for her… but for one reson to know if he had had any children with her… anyway this woman new exactly how to make my husband fall for her by telling him that she could give him babies… he wanted to believe that so bad that he started a relationship with her I found out because of her… at first I was confused mad at my husband I didn’t know exactly what I was going to do I was scared and  devastated my husband ask for forgiveness and all I would do is here him not answer… at the same time that he was trying to talk to me this woman kept texting saying so many things to him about how she love him and that she was waiting for him and other vulgar things… from the moment I found out she kept texting and saying so many nasty things of me lying that she ja no idea about me when she did… she bullied me so much… my husband defend me ask her many times it was over… he tried and she would bribe him he did not know how to get out situation… I am not excusing him at all is 100% his  fault for letting this woman in our lives… we had good marriage not perfect but good marriage until this… but this woman had a plan her plan was to record all conversations of him with her and then show me everything so I would leave him and she would end up with her… but it did not work so when it did not work she kept sending text messages to him and he would ignore or sometimes ask her to stop… I am not just and angry wife, this woman she is something else she is a drug addict since early young years, her parents had to put a restriction order against her she would have her daughter call her parents for money so they would feel sorry… she tells people her horrible life when she has done that to her self her husband end up deported because of drugdealing she end up with a Other guy that could not stand her because she is crazy and possessive… they got pregnant and she did not one the baby so she did drugs during her pregnancy to kill it and she did and even her friends were happy for her… that is just nasty… she had her daughters takin away from her because she had them in such bad conditions… unfortunately the system sucks and she got them back… her own parents her brother did not want take care of her children because they would have to deal with her… I don’t care about her life or what she does but she is trying really hard to hurt me she post picture under my name Mariana Martinez saying I am a lasbian if I was nothing wrong but I am straight and married for 14 years she said that I have aids, not true I am healthy she did a page on Facebook a while ago and my friends reported because they no me… she said that I run a hore house not true I do have  Business but is Hair Salon and I have work really hard to build my business I consider my self really good hairdresser 20 years of experience… please don’t let this woman hert me when done nothing to her the only reson I did this was because she kept calling my husband and he blocked her so many times but she would find a way… I would of never expose her if would of Just walk away but she had to be nasty giving me details of ewhay they did  and calling me so many things, harassing me… I got tired and decided to expose her… I try to be as honest as possible and I know is my husband fault but we are trying to work things out I try ignoring but this woman was to hard to ignore this last time I post something I am not going to play her game. I just need to expose the truth and make sure that she doesn’t get away with lies about me… I never wish anything bad for anyone because I am not like that I want everyone to be happy in life but that doesn’t mean that I am stupid and that I am going to let someone come and destroy my life just because hers is fuck especially my business that I work so hard something this woman does not know because she don’t like to work…        

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  • It is unfortunate that this website allows people like you (Mariana Martinez of corning CA) to spread fictitious rumors without any proof of what is being said. You keep stalking me by posting pictures of a naked body that is supposed to represents my body but it clearly isnt me. My hair hasnt been solid brown in 20 years. You keep trying to make my life miserable because i dont want to be a part of your “threesome” with you and your husband. Im not gay nor am i interested in your lesbian fantasies. You need to find something better to do with all your free time instead of copying and pasting my facebook pictures to your make believe stories you post almost daily. And stop sending stupid messages to my facebook friends about exposing them for doing welfare fraud when they dont even get welfare to begin with. So how can they commit fraud when they dont collect welfare and hadn’t had it in many years. And stop sending my other facebook friends messages that you will expose them cause they are drug dealers. Thats funny cause he is such health freaks that he doesn’t even take prescribed medication. You might catch him with vitamins, but thats about it. You need to stop. You are making yourself look desperate. Im sure you can find someone else to harrass other than me. You wont be able to change my mind. I dont have anything against gays, i just don’t do the gay thing and dont plan on it anytime soon. Let me put it this way, if i was serving a life sentence with you as my celly, i still wont want you. Thank you but the answer will always be no. Now go take a spelling class or learn to do something productive. Maybe you can go to work in your salon that is only open twice a week for 2 hours.

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