Flavia Alvarez – Modesto, California

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I am exposing this woman for the third time because know she is trying to expose me that I am hurting her and I don’t know how because I have done nothing wrong to her she had the affair with my husband she was the one that bullied me she is the one that kept texting my husband when he asked her not to bother him any more I ask her nicely and all she would do was bullied me please spread this woman she is hurtful and evil person I don’t care about her fucking life I just want her away I am going tomorrow morning to ge are  restringing order I am not hurting her I have never try tu contact eAnyone that she knows and she keeps Contacting my family and friends and I don’t understand why she keeps doing false Facebook pages when I have blocked her 100 times and I’m not kidding I don’t understand why she keep saying that I’m hurting her when I’m doing absolutely nothing but exposing what she’s doing because I’m fed up of her trying to hurt me when I’ve done nothing to her please help me get her out of my life

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