Flavia Álvarez – Modesto, California

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hoThis is like second time I have had to do this to this woman Flavia Alvarez. My husband messed it up getting involved with a drug addict and cheating on me but we are trying really hard to fix our marriage and he is also trying really hard… but this women keeps texting my husband for any reason and he is tired of her as I am too. We have blocked her so many times and she keeps using different cell numbers. She has asks for money in order to leave us alone. She just doesn’t get it. She is giving me anxiety, stressing me out. I am tired. I know my husband messed up bad but enough is enough. Please help me share this, this lady needs to stop bothering me. She does drugs and she did drugs while pregnant which is her life but this is how horrible a person she is. She did not just get involved with my husband, she actually is trying to hurt me when I have done nothing to her. She is nasty she told me all details of the affair and more… she bully me name called names because I would not leave my husband… she said she was going to sue me for all my money…. she took edvantage of a situation were my husband was really depressed because he could not have baby’s and this woman told him she was so fertile that she would get pregnant in a second… she likes to blame everyone for her actions an lifestyle but her self… my husband look for this woman because they had past and when he found out he could not have babies he’s was devastated and he thought maybe with this woman got pregnant when they were dating because at that time he had no  issues so he contact her on FB and he ask her and that was it he ask for he’s number he said yes and she called back week later her not him telling him sad stories about her life and that led to the cheating and he is to blame a lot to for being a pig… he tried ending relationship but for some reason he would fall for her bullshit… it is so hard to get over the affair but this woman is making it worse ones I found out I asked her to stop an d she kept calling and calling horrible things and also telling me al dirty nasty things her my husband did to hurt me so I decided to expose her but then she said if I did not take it down she would sue me for my money money I work for… and she does have any she said! I don’t think is fair…. I want her to leave me alone I want to be happy again and not have the stress I have I want to try work out things my husband and if it doesn’t work out as well…  I have lots off proof! Her intentions were to record all the conversation make him say things about me because the whole relationship she would ask many times things about me and want he would feel pressure he would answer to make her feel good… so any way wants she showed me she thought I would leave him and he would go leave with her and she was set for life to pay for her drug addiction and to support her but it did not work this way so she now is trying to hurt me.

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