Felicia Bracero Rodriguez – Columbia, South Carolina

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I feel like Felicia makes it her life's mission to destroy marriages. She herself is married but claims she divorced her husband because he was unfaithful. In reality, he found out she had been sleeping with SEVERAL men at her job. A co-worker with a Long time girlfriend, an IT specialist with a wife and 2 year old twins at home. AND the most recent, her supervisor at work that has been married for 20+ years with 2 children. Expose this homewrecker 

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  • If you’re going to post slander on someone make sure you get your facts straight. I’ve known Felicia for years and non of this trash is true. Maybe you’re writing this about yourself?? Perhaps you’re the jealous slutty home wrecker and you’re just jealous of the beautiful hard working desirable young woman that Felicia is. You’re just a scared ass cunt hiding behind a keyboard.

  • A TWENTY YEAR MARRIAGE HAS BEEN DETROYED?! what a disgusting excuse of a human being. Worthless slut! I hope she gets what she deserves!

    • ‘Annamission’ please stop spreading lies and posting this fake ass bullshit. You’re obviously referring to the wrong Felicia. What 20 year marriage?!? Get your facts straight!! This entire website is a joke!! Lies, lies, lies! Felicia is a beautiful successful young woman and would never do any of the things you posted on this bullshit website!! Just another jealous fool seeking attention!

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