Ezell Strong – Fort Dodge, Webster City and Chicago, Iowa

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Ezell Strong is a married man and disgusting piece of shit who has slept with everyone’s wife, girlfriend, every whore he can find and even transgenders, in the cities of Fort Dodge, Webster City and Chicago, he also let’s gay men suck his dirty penis. He has the Herpes virus and is spreading it and giving women a lifelong devastating disease that they can never get rid of because he is a careless selfish coward who destroys lives and brings babies into the world and letting other men take care of them and think their the father because he gets married women pregnant, he gives his children birth defects because he does crack and sleeps with women who do crack and create truckloads of crack babies. He is a part of the Fort Dodge welcoming party and sticks his penis inside any and everything man, woman, dogs and cats because he’s an animal too. Remember that crack kills and destroys lives and families.

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  • All of this is bullshit!! But hey, keep on trashing your ex’s name…just because u are butt hurt…..karma is a bitch!

  • This is true I know this guy and the family and this guy is an abusive arrogant asshole and women like you are the reason why men think they can do whatever they want to women

  • So all of this is true huh??? Well that would mean I would have herpes correct??? Funny cuz if u would like to meet up u can have my records from the doctor Jackie? Is it or should I say ok Precious!

  • Defamation in Iowa is any statement that can injure a person’s reputation, incite hatred, or cause economic damage to a business. A plaintiff can bring a cause of action for defamation when such statements are made to a third party by the defendant — either with actual malice or negligently. It is the plaintiffs responsibility to prove that the defendant:
    Made an unprivileged false statement of fact;
    Made a statement that caused material harm for the plaintiff;
    Was referring to the plaintiff and not someone else; and
    Acted either negligently or with actual malice.
    The Iowa defamation statute of limitations is two years.

  • It will take more than the copy and paste function of defamation to help you druggies please stop while you are ahead you have no idea what you are in the middle of do you know how many people E has taken out of this world worry about yourself and the bastard baby growing in your stomach from a married man Kassandra next time lay on your back and get it right bitch E only likes boys cause he is sexist ass hell keep letting a broke crackhead load you with babies cause as you can see his wife and kids receives their money first and you get what is left which is crumbs bitch. Karma will deal with all of you and if he did this to his love of 20 years how long do you think it will last with a dirty bitch like you who let him hit raw and get you pregnant in the first week men are dogs we know but bitch grow up and be a woman damn you have three kids all with different daddies damn you a nasty hoe make a broke crack nigga feel like he is the king of the world cause you worthless too did your mother help you with that too since you are a scare ass bitch who talk big shit but can’t back the shit up be gone bitch you are beneath my shoe you have never been a wife bitch so until you become a wife your opinion means nothing you are just a whore with three different baby daddies

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