Emilia “Myla” Perez – Salt Lake City, Utah

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This woman knew my husband was married and about to have a baby (her uncle was married to my aunt, she was living with them at that time, as well as my mother did too). She happened to see my mother at a bar one night and seen my husband preforming in a band. She asked my mother if that was her husband, my mother replies, " No but it is my son-in-law".

So even knowing that my husband was married and expecting a baby, she still went after him. She spread her legs and convinced him to leave me while I was 6 and a half months pregnant.

After that she would call me all hours of the night, just to make my situation worse. He allowed her to harass me repeatedly well until my baby was born. She made sure that he my husband wasn't there when my baby was born.

She is the type of slut that once she has a man she wants she stops at nothing to keep him. She traps men by getting pregnant. Which she did twice. Then she made sure to make it clear that my by then ex husband would have no time to love and be a part of my baby's life because he doesn't have enough love to go around. She forbid him to see or have anything to do with my child.

He would secretly go visit our child but she found out and I don't know what she told him but after that he stopped all visits with my child until she was 4 years old. She now has continued to do things to keep him from my child including by scaring my child when he took her to the same room as that slut, during the visit she gave my child dirty looks which scared my child. He only let my child out of the room once she started to cry. I didn't know about that until I arrived to my house. I was so furious. Who does that slut thing she is by intimidating a child and her bring an old lady. Makes me sick.

Watch out for this one. Because I became aware that she broke off with my ex husband only a week ago and that means ladies keep her away from your men or she'll destroy your family just like she did mine and not regret it or feel bad that she did. That kind of thing makes her proud of doing it.

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