Elle Dulmage – Ottawa, Canada

This is the disgusting home wrecker Elle Dulmage, she thinks shes gods gift to man, in reality  she's just a loud mouth, country wanna be whore ! she doesn't bat an eye at chasing after someone else's man and claiming she doesn't share them, especially with the woman he's been with for however long . shes been featured on thedirty.com as well but  hasn't seemed to stop her from only chasing after men that are spoken for, but get this when she has a man she will whine about how women should back the fucking off if a man's in a relationship !!  Ladies if you live in Ottawa – Renfrew – Cobden – Pembroke KEEP YOU MEN AWAY ! if your man's in the local union 93 I feel for you ! she thinks she's the best carpenter around ! and doesn't bat an eye at sending  a pic of her ass  or tits for attention  

  • Your mom

    Clearly you are just an jealous Douchebag… get the fuck off of social media and do something great productive.

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