Eisha Lizette Ocampo Corona – Indio, California

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Eisha Lizette Ocampo Corona is a deputy sheriff with the Riverside County Sheriffs Department and currently works at the Courthouse in Indio, California. She resides in La Quinta, California. She herself is a newlywed of only 5 months (might I add she convinced her current husband to relocate for her from his hometown of 8 hours away to be with her before devastating his life and cheating on him with my husband). After only 2 weeks of my husband being transferred from a different city to her currently place of employment, she used on-the-clock time while being payed taxpayer dollars to pursue my husband (he's her senior officer), shirking her job responsibilities by standing on her phone all day flirting with him, sending him photos of herself and love songs for him to listen to. Since her husband (a fellow police officer with a different local agency) works a graveyard shift, she was free to sneak away in the middle of the night and pick my husband up in her car, driving to discreet locations and parking to do God knows what in her car. She was telling my husband she LOVES him after only knowing him for 2 weeks, knowing that he's a married man of 12 years, a father of 6 children, and is 11 years older than her. After discovering her phone number on my bill about a million times, texts and phone calls at ALL hours of the day and night, I confronted her…threatening to reveal the affair to her own husband if she did not leave my husband alone. After yet more continued contact with my husband, she ACTUALLY faked a pregnancy with her own husband to manipulate everyone into feeling bad for her and not revealing their affair. 
Eisha Ocampo Corona is a homewrecker that has suffered zero consequences, neither personally or professionally, for her actions and believes she can hide behind her position as a police officer to prey on married men to further her career and get a power trip off destroying families. I'm certain she will do this to someone else, so if your spouse works anywhere in this area of Southern California, beware of this homewrecker! 

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