Desiree Ashley Rose Thomas – Salem/Albany, Oregon

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This girl is a absolute home wrecker. My fiance and I were 2 months shy of 18 years together and a son together 6 years old. We had both been faithful to each other up until she came into our life. My fiance was promoted at Fitzpatrick 's Painting Inc. This girl was put on his crew and he was her boss. She knew that he had a family at home and seduced him anyway. Of course being over worked and spending time together she had time to play her game. I was completely blindsided by his confession and even more shocked when it continued into a full blown afair. I fought for my life and lost because I had never played dirty the way she can. Manipulate, lie, steal, you name it she had skills like that. She even says that it is out of her hands because it's God's will for them to be together. My fiance lost everything that we had worked so hard to gain all because of this 22 Year old money grubbing slut. He lost his job, family, friends , self respect, good dad title credit score everything. She made it impossible for he and I to communicate even for our son. This lasted thru the holidays and was especially hard on our son. She could care less that he didn't have his daddy at home any more. She finally stole $1,000 from him and the police were called. The police informed my ex that they have dealt with Desiree multiple times in cases just like that and because he gave her the money to hold on too he would have to take her to court to get it back. She did go to jail for DUI that night. She then tried to get her claws into my nephew who is closer to age as soon as she heard he made good money. Her whole family is involved in this scheme. She has many aliases and is very good at playing the God fearing sweet girl. Spread the word so Satan can't get her claws into any other happy families.

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