Dennis Carrig – Delran, New Jersey

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This stand up guy has been banging my wife for 6 months and belongs to a swingers site and often finds people on Craigslist, he is a narssasit and control freak. I found out that she almost lost her job because of him and he has no care in the world about it, he would make her take pictures of herself to prove that she wasn't fucking around on him but was in return banging other married women. We are divorcing and I know it is because of him, even though he dumped her ass for the next best thing. He cares about no one else but himself, and often goes to swinger parties to meet his next victim. Watch your wives around this guy, I should have.

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  • Wow so I am not the only husband that had this happen. same here had an affair with my wife faked being in love with her just to control her. Got her into smoking weed and doing drugs. The guy is a control freak with self control issues. He only made it where he is because he won the lotto and had a Hair Replacement Procedures and a penial enlargement implant done. Everything about this guy is fake.

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