Denise Gonzalez – Orlando, International

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Beware of Denise Gonzalez she is a 23 year old waitress who works at Rosen Centre in a bar called Harry's she has been having an affair with my husband Raul Pacheco who works as a bartender in the lobby bar of Rosen Centre and Harry's for the past year and she got pregnant she knowingly had an affair with this man Even after she knew me now I'm not saying that my husband was not in the wrong but what kind of self-respecting woman sleeps with a married man wrong is wrong you don't sleep with married men if a man is married that makes them off limits there is no way to get around that and it seems to me that nowadays younger women have no problem sleeping with married men what does that say about our culture my husband because we're still married is living with her and her parents at her parents house what kind of people allow their daughters married baby's daddy to move into their house that just goes to show you what kind of morals her parents have as well

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