Denise Delaney – Abington, Massachusetts

this trash bag whore knew he had a gf and kids but when she was contacted and asked she first lied and said she didn’t know my boyfriend and then she cried to the police to call me and tell me they’re together! She’s so classy for a 50yr old that she sent texts saying I don’t know who I f***ed with, and it’s not my business if she’s sleeping with my now ex.. I caught them out and she grabbed one of her fat rolls and kept asking is this fat before she ran her mouth saying she didn’t give a f*** about me my family or my a**hole kids then ran back into the bar!! Her own friends even “joke” about her being a huge whore!! Then she has her 55yr old friends threatening to hunt me down!! They spend their nights drinking and smoking Marlboro lights in the local Abington bars!!  Careful ladies this ones desperate keep your husbands and boyfriends away from her, she’s not only a slampig but she’ll foot the bill for everything and drive them around in her purple minivan!! She’s a booze bag pig!!

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