Dawn Marie Ayers – Wilkesboro, North Carolina

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This woman if you can call her that sought out my husband because he owned his own business. Little did she know it wasn't going well and he was extremely depressed because of it. She told him exactly what he wanted to hear and made me look like the bad guy as if his business failing was my fault. He fell for her bs hook line and sinker and walked out on our 14 year marriage and 2 children. She forbid him to have any contact with me or our children and convinced him God brought and wanted them together. She harassed me for months while he was gone. His therapist said, while everything was happening, he was going through a psychotic breakdown induced by stress. His therapist tried, along with both our families and friends to convince him he was not stable mentally but she already had him. She took all the money he had and ran what was left of our business in the ground. Got him using drugs and abandoned him for days on end with no food,heat or means of communication or transportation, with her son. When he finally came to his senses she was basically holding him hostage until he was able to get a hold of his parents. He moved in with them with her son and had to involve DSS for her to come get him. Abandoned all her belongings and refused to get them. Said she was pregnant with his child but was getting an abortion. This person has destroyed any relationship my children had with their father. He missed birthdays and holidays and even a surgery. Missed them being saved and baptized. They are still in therapy after everything. He literally lost it all. She ruined him and everything he ever stood for along with ruining our stable family. Yet claims she is a Christian. 

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