Darren Ambler – Delran-, New Jersey

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Darren Ambler is a Sex addicted- Sociopath- Pervert- Playboy- Liar- Plagued with Mental illness including "OCD" and Bi-Polar Illness:  Darren uses women for sex and pleasure.  Has no emotional attachment.  Darren is a dork with no looks or personality.  Suffers serious mental illness.  Darren Ambler also has split personality disorder: No emotion/ no conscience/ abusive: a real creep.  ===================================================

Darren has low self esteem and he is a professional con-man and liar.  Everything this creep does is self-serving.  He has an unhealthy obsession with sex- nudity – oral sex and the Internet.  He is an Internet stalker and abuser.  He is no moarls- scruples- conscience or self respect:  He has screwed Prostitutes and a bunch of "UGLY" women out of desperation.


Darren Ambler is so sick and so lonely.  He is 39 years old and carried on a filthy sex affair with a 68 year old "PIG"!  Darren is ugly , has no personality, will screw anyone that says yes.  He has nothing to offer and he is horrible in bed.  Has nothing  below the belt.  Darren Ambler abuses women and forces sex upon them.


Darren Ambler is a former drug addict turned sex addict psycho.  Stay away from this UGLY_ SICK_ CREEP!  He will bring havoc to your life……………This loser can not be trusted he would turn on anyone of he didn't get his way.  He acts like an immature teenaged girl:  Very un masculine.  High pitch voice- girlish hand motions- and rancid breath…………….


BEWARE  away from this Pervert- Prostitute…….Darren Ambler lives in NJ – He is a Pharmacist.  Which is not a good profession for a Drug addict- sociopath.    Darren is 5ft 8 in- 135 pounds- thick glasses- thin blonde hair/ no style.  He is skinny- round shouldered- perverted- no muscle tone- he dresses shabbily- no style.  He is very cheap.  


Darren is divorced (who could stand the possessive freak).  He enjoys sex with women between 65-80.  He is demented and filthy minded.  His face would scare anyone.  A homely demented perverted sociopath.  Needs mental help.  he thinks he is right all of the time.  Darren uses sex to control women and prove his manhood or lack of manhood: An UGLY INSECURE CREEP>  Keep away from this psysco.


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