Darren Ambler……………..aka Darren Scott Ambler – Cherry Hill,, New Jersey

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Darren Ambler is a "Homely" – "Demented" sex addict- Liar Con-man.  He is not a nice guy at all as he portrays.  This creep slept with various scum bags as well as Hookers.  Lied to me and gave me an STD.  Darren Ambler is manipulative and very dangerous.  Lives in denial.  Thinks he can abuse and use females and get away with it.  
What  normal 39 year old has an intimate relationship with a 67 year old senior citizen.  That is sick- vulgar and plain disgusting.  I guess desperate people do desperate things.  Darren Ambler is cruel and probably bi-polar.  He is a former drug addict turned sex addict.  Darren Ambler is selfish and cares about himself only!
Screwing hookers and old ladies, this Jerk should be placed in Jail.  Spreading his filthy std's is serious business.  This ugly creep shouldn't have screwed and lied about it. Ugly moron.  BEWARE……………..Darren Ambler is 39 years old- Homely- skinny body- horrible in bed- thick Glasses- zero personality.  Darren Ambler works for Express RX in Florence NJ.  Darren Ambler now resides on Westbury Drive in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.  Be cautious on dating web sites………….He is a stalker and very perverted.  Do not be fooled by a skinny creepy jerk .

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  • Re: Darren Ambler….Gross…..He will get what he deserves. I guess he has to seduce women some how….His looks would not impress anyone. Sad sick human being. Thanks for the info.

  • Re; Darren Ambler- Cherry Hill- NJ:


    He looks like a skinny creepy Jerk. He will get his one day. Insecure men hve to prove themselves or their manhood somehow. In reality, this Darren has to be an unhappy dork that is seeking approval and companionship. These creeps must be exposed. Thanks for the info.

  • Re: Darren Ambler/Cherry Hill NJ: / Gross……………..Why would a guy want to be known as a PLAYER- with no MORALS or STANDARDS???? What kind of gal does this dude think he will end up with? I would never date a guy even if i liked him – if i found out he had a questionable past. Unless he is really Mentally Deranged and really doesn’t care……………..Thanks for the Useful Info:

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