Darren Ambler…aka Darren Scott Ambler…..aka..Damen Ambler..Psycho/ Sexual Addict/Pervert/STD Carrier/ Pathological Liar/Drugs: – Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Darren Scott Ambler is a resident of Cherry Hill, New Jersey in Camden County New Jersey.  Darren Ambler is a sneaky con-artist, sex addict and Pathological liar.  This Homely Geek has seduced numerous women over the past 3 years.  Darren stalked the Internet looking for Prey on Dating web sites and Sex web-sites.  He is a filthy slimy PIG with no a moral or decent bone in his 135 pound scrawny body.
Darren Ambler is a Drug addict who transitioned into a First Class Sex Addict:  He is slick and selfish with one goal in mind.  Seduction, Dirty Sex, Oral Sex and Vulgar Pornographic Acts.  He thinks he got away with everything.  Darren Ambler is now attempting to go on line and blame one girl for his Sexual Indecencies.  It is not going to work.   Megan is one female out of many that this Ugly freak forced into sick sex acts.
Darren Ambler likes variety like 16 year olds, 65 year olds, Prostitutes, Married women, Divorcees.  He never descriminates.  He takes whatever he can get.  These women will come forward so Darren Psycho better keep his filthy mouth shut.  One of his sexual conquests is only 18 years old.  Darren many have started screwing her before she was 17.  If so Darren dear is going to Jail.  He may end up there anyway.
Two of the women he forced into sex are now ill with STD's.  It is a crime to willingly spread disease, even if you are a sex and drug abuser.   Darren Psycho lives in his own world.  We do not live in our own world.  In reality- Darren is a low life sex addicted Ugly freak of nature.
Please educate your daughters, your Mothers even your Grandmothers that there is a disturbed sex maniac on the loose.  Darren is about fulfilling his sex fantasies and control.   Learned, Darren Ambler's wife left .  Is it any wonder?  why would any women stay with a compulsive- sex and drug addict that looks like an ape with Bi focals.  
The games are over.  It is time to answer for our sexual indecencies and double secret life.  Megan and Angie are only a sample of who this disturbed freak seduced.

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  • Shame. I do not understand why anyone would essentially throw their life away like this. You always get caught sooner or later. That shows this guy is a coward, having his sex and fun and now trashing these women. They seemed to suit his needs at the time but now all the sudden they are all no good. The Million dollar question- If these women are all no good well then way? was this guy sleeping with them and playing around. Is that all he can get? What did this jerk think was going to happen sooner or later. I think they are all a bunch of sickos. Why were these women bothered with this person at all?? Takes two to tango- so everyone involved is to blame.

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