Darren Ambler aka…..Damen Ambler – Riverside NJ: Essex County NJ:, New Jersey

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Darren  Ambler  aka..Damen  Ambler……aka  D. Ambler…aka..Scott Ambler….is a sociopath and is obsessed with sex- oral sex and filthy pronographic acts.  I recently learned that is moron is a former narcotic addict that was placed in a detox facility to dry out..  This low-life has no morals- scruples- respect- dignity or feelings for anyone but himself.   He could not stay married – wonder why?  No decent respectable woman wants this scum ball.  Darren  or Damen whatever he prefers was registered on more than 15 social networking websites at one time.  He targets females with "Loose Morals" so he cam have sex the first meeting….This guy has a lot of mental disorders.  He acts as if he is in outer space and lives in his own world.  Darren lives a dangerous "double life"..  he is a compulsive con-man liar and manipulator- Just a very bad human being..Darren is obsessive and obsessed with sex and dirty sex acts…He never had a woman intersted in him his entire life. 

Darrem Ambler is weird, no personality, stalks women for sex and is very self-centered.  He has no self-worth and uses sex to fill a void in his lonely life. This dude is  "Bad News".  He is the kind of person you run away from not surround yourself with.  He is going nowhere in life but down.  Darren is an internet stalker.  He staretd with "one night stands".  The one nighters he had were with some real scum bags- basically hookers.  Then he began targeting older lonely women for short term sex encounters.  His objective is sex- oral sex and using the person for whatever he can get out of them. 

To my knowledge- this loser does not eve own a home.  Therefore- he has to get females that can provide lodging and  a bed for screwing. Darren is desperate and so are the poor lonely women he seduces.  This psycho could be carrying disease- he was careless about using protection during sex.  He is a bad lover.   Inexperienced and can't go more than a minute before climax.  A real low life- immoral pig!

After a succession of sexual affaits now the con-man is screwing a 65 year old senior citizen from New Jersey.  Its strange?  Darren Ambler chooses females 2 hours from his home.  The distance is to cover up his inmoral affairs.  You would have to be blind- dumb and plain desperate to get into bed with this gross idoit.  He is under 6 feet tall- skinny- scarecrow body- deep set eyes with thick wire rim glasses…goofy looking- ugly- homely etc….no personality- a druggist by trade.  has no self- esteem and wants sex and freebies..What a loser.  He wants no commitment just fun- and sick sexual acts…Sociopath behavior..It seems he turned from narcotic addiction to sex addiction..

Darren should not be around decent moral people.  He uses any one and every one.  He is a person of no respectability- morality and substance.  He lives a double life.  Tries to hide his immorality and sex affairs from  family and co-workers..Most people are catching on.  He usex sex as a self esteem booster and tool to feed his addiction.   He is gross- screwing 65 year old flabby dried up prunes..Thats all the scum can get.  Darren is not  aman he is a sick- dememted coward with few friends and women who he only used for physical reasons…Please do not become his next victim.  He is dangerous he can hurt a person physically and mentally with his sick games.  He is a big time 'LIAR"  AND  A CHEATER…HE HAS A FILTHY MIND!    He made a huge mistake having sex with a married woman….He will pay the consequence for that one.  He better wake up and face the music.  He is worthless and no decent normal person wants him around.   He tried to mak eme look at some hidious nude photos of himself.  believe me he is gross enough with clothes on. He needs mental help- sex therapy and a class in Morality101. 

His sick – immoral sinful ways are catching up with him.  He is no good.  Please ladies 'BEWARE"  He is on many dating sites- has numerous e-mail addresses and lies about everything.   He should be forced to take an STD test.   He may brag about his Penis..I can save you the wondering?  He has no Penis …You need magnification to see his little wee wee….  He does not belong in a normal society..He is a predator and pervert in my eyes.  Some ladies refer to Darren Ambler as the "Over sexed Goon"…..

Darren has nothing to offer a woman or anyone for that matter.  He is a loner- he is homely- insecure- out for himself- has the morals of  a hooker and it seems he is a ma ma 's boy!  His face would scare a child .  Does not need  a mask on halloween.  Also-  on ocasion his breath would knock you out.  He needs listerine and about a dozen paper bags…The pags can be placed over his head to cover the horrid face….On occcasion I have been told he blows hi ssnotty nose and places the snot rag on a table with food during a meal.  No class- manners- morals etc..all goes hand in hand.  He is verbally abusive and mean.  He acts like a child with a full grown penis. 

Maybe Darren is the name he uses for one double life/ Damen is used when he turns into the othe person.  he lies to himself- his friends- lovers- parents- everyone.  He will degrade decent people. Stay away from this Psycho.  Hope he stays far away like up in North Jersey forever.  I think he has children.  Oh God- the poor kids!  A low life crumb for a father…………….Pray for those kids.  pray this loser goes far away from decent people forever.  The kids would be better off without this dud altogether.  Grow up loser!  You are a horrible excuse for a man.  You sinner!  You addict!  You adulterer!!  Wish the worst for you you hateful selfish beast!

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