Darlene Martinez – Roy, Utah

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Darlene Martinez or Hebdon or any of the other 4 married names she's already had is not only wrecking other homes, but also her own. She lives with a nice guy who takes care of her 4 kids, who all have different daddies, while she goes out looking for the next baby daddy. She's been trying to talk to my husband on Instagram, offering to put her nasty snaggle toothed mouth all over his dick. I dont know how she covers up those huge horse teeth, hope you don't need the skin in your dick. I know she has already done this to one guy at her work, you know who you are Baby Hulk. This slut has so many daddy issues that she needs the attention of every guy she meets. She tells them she cant leave her man because her loser ass couldn't afford to be alone, she thinks these guys care about her but then they drop her sorry ass when they easily get what they want from her. The whole time her naive boyfriend waits at home for her, I bet she doesn't even wash the slut off of her first or rinse her nasty mouth out. Poor guy. Stay away from this ugly cheating whore!

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  • Wow! I had no idea she was like this. I considered her a friend. She used to flirt with me here and there but I knew she had a man so I never flirted back or initiated any inappropriate conversations.

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