Danielle Langehorne – Martinsburg, West Virginia

This here is Berkeley County’s WV’s very own Homewrecker! You heard of Dirty Diana, well this whore tops it meet Dirty Danielle She’s has no shame she screws married men several at a time, yes she lets them gang bang her in the local bars parking lot, back seat hood of the car she don’t care where just as long as she’s getting someone else’s dick.  She was married but her husband learned very quick of what trash she really was and got out she has 3 kids,  and yes 3 different baby daddies.  Any cock will do for this nasty bitch and she enjoys your leftovers if you know what I mean,  she will do anything for a bang, but seriously with those 9 front teeth,  a lot of men came across, those who think she’s their friend better wake up cause she’s fucking your husband / boyfriend behind your backs. She frequents the local bars like a barfly waiting til the alcohol takes over and then she’s on that dick like flies on shit. She loves a man in uniform, not sure if there is any left in this county she hasn’t done
Watch your man ladies she does some dirty nasty shit, no filter and rumor has it she loves being screwed in her ass and sucking him clean when he’s finished 


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