Daniel (Dan) Maplesden – Sydney, International

Dan Maplesden of Sydney, Australia is a husband and father to a nice family – but Dan has been having an affair with my wife, someone he knows from way back apparently. The thing is Dan knew she was married and has two kids – but this didn't matter, he went ahead and drilled her anyway. He's quite the jet-setter is Dan, this low-life flies in for the day, has himself a solid fuck-fest in a sleezy hotel and then flies back to kiss his daughter good night. Nice. Seriously, those are skills. But you're also the lowest form of life there is Dan. On behalf of the families you've wrecked, well, you can go fuck yourself. Or someone’s wife. Whatever gets you hard kid. If you see Dan around, avoid him like the parasite he is. Dan Maplesden is the worst – a true waste of blood and organs. A no-moral interstate jizz-factory with all the character of a toilet-bug.

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