Crystle chaput – Ronks Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania

This immature woman is a jelous hateful bitch who lost her kids dad because she was screwing his friends and coming home with trashy hickies!! She posted nasty shit bout me because her man came running to me because of what she did to break them up in the first place we are no longer together because she has been screwing him behind my back after we been together for 2 1/2 yrs. she got pregnant by him n then I read this article in the newspaper about her being found by the police lying passed out drunk on her sidewalk she was cited for public drunkiness the thing is she is pregnant or was wonder why she had a miscaraige or was it because it was another mans baby who knows I’m just so tired of seeing posts bout me that r untrue we all fuck up in life but damn hitch be real wit ur self n stop hating on me. Crystle and Brian are very bad drunks the articles I enclosed were both in the past few months Smfh n they are parents n she was pregnant!

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  • Wait… this girl is on here for getting back with her children’s father? Your story makes no sense and all points made seem irrelevant. Almost sounds like you should’ve been on here 2 1/2 years ago. Sounds like someone is bitter and won’t move on, shame on you.

  • Sounds like you are the home wrecker. They were together when u met him. And the fact he kept fucking with her behind ur back says he wanted her all along. So why did u even stay in the picture? So if your a parent you cant drink??? Also for you to bring up this ladys miscarriage in this and talk shit about it, your a hateful bitch. Actually bitch is to much of a compliment I wouldnt put u in the same category of a female/woman. ….u need to seriously move on, and since it seems u have a lot of extra time look up the meaning of homewrecker!!!!!

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