Crystal Lynn Rolfe – Nanaimo, BC Canada

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This slutbag can't  get her own man so she goes after married ones.  She went after my best friends husband while my friend was ill and unable to be with her husband physically.  She is a soleless whore .  She won't take any responsibility for her actions and blames the guy 100%  then once he cuts her off she claims she is knocked up.  Who cares!  You laid with a married man and didn' protect yourself from pregnancy.  According to him he took measures to make sure that didn'  happen.  I believe him over what your claiming.  What did you think was going to happen.  A guy like that would never have you for anything more than a booty call.   You probably planned it out on purpose,  makes sense being as you claim to love him.  You don't even know what love is.  Anyway no one feels bad for you.  Your own damn fault.  No one believes that there isn' like 5 or 6 possible baby daddies either.  I doubt anyone else would own up to that either.  You alone decided to carry this out knowing full well the kid is going to live in poverty.  Bravo.   Feel bad for the kid but that was mommy's call.  Sucks to be you.  

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  • Ahahahahaha… whatever this hoe gets she deserves. Karma is a really nasty bitch. Hope the wife gets her digs in too. Have a nice life sad little skank!

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