Crystal Dawn Reaves – Modesto, California

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I understood the last you were with him, you were threatening to call the police and hook him up with some bogus lie you and the lady across the street cooked up.  I see you finally hooked up with someone to have a couple kids, but you don’t have custody and the baby daddy (not husband) is looking for a nice woman to marry.since you post that you are a Christian Woman on fb, did you miss the commandment that says thou shalt not commit adulatory? It’s there, I assure you.i get that you can not find someone your own age but in all of this area, you can’t find anyone else to text about your sex life except a married man?  From what I can see, you need to work on yourself and stay out of my marriage and my business. Maybe if you devoted some time to improving yourself as a person, by 36, you would be married and able to raise children, not just have them.

in other words, he’s married, not to you, and you need to find someone of your own to sext and text. 


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