Colette Sullivan 16/07/76 – Skegness, International

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Cheated on multiple times by my ex covert malignant narcissist DARK TRIAD slut from hell, "Colette Josephine Sullivan 16/07/1976"
Beaten, poisoned, humiliated, triangulated, gaslighted, the full psychopath works. Surprised I'm not dead.
Her slut enabling sister Patricia Sullivan helped her cheat, they've been slut enabling and supplying each other for decades. Another covert narcissist.
She made sure the toilet seat was raised every day when I came home from work to drive me crazy and attacked me to goad me into having me arrested but I did nothing but shout. So she opened all the windows while I lost my temper to try and get everyone to believe she was in danger. She cried out of the window for nothing. 

This twisted psychotic JEZEBEL whore needs locking up or medication.
She is a real danger to her next target.

Dan, her sisters partner. Kevin, (6'4" African colleague, ANAL sex, 2016/2017), Kas, (Oriental colleague 2015/2016). They both work here where she used to. Gangbang central Funny how sluts always move away. Tim, (1992 – 2002) Colin, (Colleague at Clinton Cards 2007, Gheran, (A 6'2" African Pastor 2008/9), Keith ("best mate"), just some of the cocks she sucked. Friends, neighbours, colleagues, anyone at all. As many as possible.
Well she did have her older sister to compete with, didn't she?

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