Claudia Villanueva – San Antonio, Texas

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I met this chick while Two Stepping at the Country Bar. Bought her some drinks and got her in bed. Pretty EASY! With that said, Dudes BEWARE! This chick has herpes! Reason I know is, I went for my annual physical / blood work and turns out I'm POSITIVE FOR HERPES! Damn drinks got me more than I bargained for. Just putting the word out there.

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  • Watch out for Laura Kirby she moved to San Antonio texas cause her dirty filthy habits of fucking married men due to climbing the later at work got her a nick name of dealership whore!!! She’s working at Lexus dealership San Antonio texas! Wives watch out for that home wrecker shes one of those too!!!! Fake double D’s an letting her victims screw her throw her ass hole yup she’s dirty and the dummies fall for it. protect your husbands wives she’s the filth that is fooling your spouse & you too if you allow her!!!

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