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  • We know who posted this BS. The same stalker that received a restraining order in may 2016 in Mon County Magistrate court. Karissa Fleck. She claims to be a psychic medium and was court order not to stalk or harass Cindie anymore. This is a direct violation of her order. She was ordered not to contact Cindie directly or through a third party and look what happens. Karissa is the one dating a married man Bill Hartley who is still married. LOL! Her and that Niki ParaUnnormal need to stick to finding and being raped by demons. They’re ridiculous.
    Here are some links to check out their info. Cindie has never been a homewrecker and was married for 13 years to an Actice Duty service member. This is pathetic. Karissa looks like smeagol from lord of the rings and has never been married. Niki looks like a midget Frankenstein and admits she killed her first baby daddy with drug overdose. LOL!
    Let’s not forget Norene Balovich who is a fat overweight midget man who has a fake twin sister! That woman is a horrible human being. She told her own daughter That she needed Botox then paid for it. These people are low life’s. Cindie is dating a WV state Trooper now and has been for the past year you pathetic pieces of crap. The guy she’s dating has never been married and he has no children. She has never been a homewrecker. Idiots.
    Check out more on Karissa Fleck at:
    See how she really is.

    These delusional hate Mon gets should stick to claiming to be psychic, paranormal investigators who are raped by demons.
    Check out their posts. They troll themselves.
    Let them post more. Karissa is violating her permanent protective order for stalking and harassment.

  • #karissafleck and #nikiparaunnormal stalking and harassing always. This is a violation of Karissa’s restraining order from magistrate court in Mon county. Reported to lumendatabase and ic3.gov website. #stalking #harassment #cybercrime

  • Concerned community member

    She is a victim of cyber stalking and harassment.

    Please hold sadistic, abusive, people accountable for thier abusive, threatening, and dangerous behaviors. People like Dave Spinks should be held …
    abuse,usdojabuse,impersonating an officer,ic3 website,lumendatabase

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