Christy Cain – , New Mexico

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This slut is so ugly, disgusting and desperate she gives herself away for free. She goes around sleeping with married men on her lunch break at hotels, parks or in a parked car she doesn’t care where. She works in the construction industry selling tile, however her real job title should be prostitute. She will act so nice and innocent to your face but carry on an affair with your man behind your back. Ladies if you see her run the other way with your man or that snaggle tooth may snag him and give him a surprise to take home to you and your family that only a medical professional can cure. Oh and she always tells the poor me I’m abused by my husband story which is an absolute lie. 

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  • How does this trash even get a man, she is disgusting. What’s up with her crooked yellow and grey teeth. I’m sure she messes with trashy ugly men like her because someone good looking would never touch her, how could they even get it up for her. I wouldn’t worry ladies, a sane man wouldn’t give this thing the time of Day much less sleep with her. If he does kick him to the curb because something is wrong with him for touching her.

  • All I can say is WTF? She is hideous, maybe the husband was blind because wow she is absolutely gross makes me want to puke just looking at her. I bet her breath smells as bad as it looks with her teeth like that and her hair; doesn’t look like she has good personal hygiene. I would hate to be face to face with her I may pass out from how NASTY UGLY she is

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