Christopher Joseph Howard – Morristown, Tennessee

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This is a MARRIED, CHEATING DOPEHEAD. He presents himself as sweet and loving just looking for companionship and affection but he is a master manipulator. During his 4 year marriage, he was wonderful for the first year and a half before he decided that pills and hoes were more fun. He spent the next 3 years getting high, sleeping with random females, and bringing his wife STI's. He is currently infected with asymptomatic HPV and still hasn't learned to wear a condom or to simply keep it in his pants. He was arrested in August 2016 for beating his then-9 yr old stepson black and blue. He has a child he abandoned for drugs although he either won't talk about him, or will claim that his ex was crazy and just took him away and kept him away. She is a little off but that's not the truth. He stopped paying child support about two years ago. If you see this man, RUN. He is GOOD at his BS and can convince anyone of anything, including his side pieces that he was single. I have been trying to get a divorce but he has completely vanished, leaving me stuck married to him. Stay safe, ladies and don't get wrapped up with this one. 

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