Christine Jadico – Chalfont, Pennsylvania

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This awful women slept with a man who had a family. And was with someone for over 10yrs. She then proceeded to move into her home. Forced the mother and women  to be homeless. And has pretended to be a mom to her child. She is nothing short of a whore. I'd expose the dog she's with, but I don't feel it's worth the time. But her? Stay away. She is a homewrecking slut. 

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  • UPDATE!! This is Fake news! Maybe the pathetic so called “mom” who posted this should actually try being a mother to her children. Also here’s some more advice – Learn how to spell and use proper grammar if you’re going to post lies online. Fucking loser

  • Show us pics together or it did not happen. Post emails, phone numbers, text messages, facebook, snapchat, tumblr, instagram, twitter, home address.

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